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Chances are, you came here because you want to make your dreams of becoming a nonfiction author a reality. In the past, it was very hard to get your book published. The big publishing firms essentially had a monopoly over the entire publishing industry. If they didn’t like you, they didn’t publish you. It didn’t matter if you had something to share with the world, if they can’t make money off of you they wouldn’t even bother with your manuscript. So many voices have been ignored and so many dreams have been dashed. I have met countless people who have given up on their dreams of being a published author. I WAS ONE OF THEM….That is, until now.

We live in a new era of publishing. The traditional publishing model is severely wounded thanks to the advent of Kindle e-books. You no longer need to endure rejection letter after rejection letter. It’s time to get your book out there . With Kindle e-books, it is easy as pie.

In the self publishing blueprint you will learn everything you need to learn about becoming a self published author.


According to the research firm Pew Internet, almost 1/3 of Americans own some form of device that enables them to read e-books. That’s nearly 100 million potential readers. Many have purchased these devices for that very reason. From 2011 to 2012 e-book readership went up from 19% to almost 30%.
According to the AAP ( Association of American publishers, e-book sales are up almost 200%. No wonder the big publishing firms are moving away from print and into e-book sales.
Amazon has stated that e-books, more specifically kindle e-books are outpacing paperback and hardback sales. (THAT’S HUGE).
In Europe, Amazon Kindles sales are going through the roof. In fact, 50% of my total sales now comes from Europe.
As digital e-book readers and tablets get cheaper, more and more people are buying them.

Can you see the potential? We are talking access to Millions upon millions of potential readers.

Would you like to learn an easy way to get your share of the ever expanding self publishing market? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place.



This course contains 11 modules and over 2 hours of video training and over 140 pages of easy to follow instructions.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 1

The Basics Of Traditional Publishing and why it is slowly dying.

The Advent of Self Publishing

The exponential growth of E-books and why you should write one.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 2

What you will need to get started

Learn about 3 amazing applications that can help you edit your book the easy way. Editing is tough, but with one of these applications it is super easy.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 3

How To Pick a Hot Topic That sells
Research Topics you are already interested in
An application that makes topic research easy
Create an Attention grabbing title
See if your topic has long term potential (This is very neat)

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 4

How to master the writing process
Getting your research organized
How to setup your books structure so the information flows easily.
How to write a series

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 5

How to find free images to build your cover

Don’t think you can create a cover? This module will show you how to build one easily and effortlessly.
6 easy and FREE ways to create a quality cover.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 6

How to setup Your Kindle Account
How to setup your Author central Account.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 7

How To Easily your format your book for Kindle EASILY AND FREE

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 8

How to upload your book Through the Kindle Dashboard.

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 9

How To Effectively price your book for maximum sales

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 10

How To Write a Killer Book Description. (You’ll love this)

Here’s What You’ll Learn in Module 11

How To Use KDP Select Free days to enhance Your sales and hit BESTSELLER STATUS
How To Use Kindle Countdown to get readers to buy your book.
Create a massive amount of interest in your book by enrolling it in Kindle unlimited
How to use the amazon Affiliate program to enhance your earnings.

If you want to make your dreams of being an author a reality then this course is for you.


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